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K-12 Lessonplan Directory &General Sites Index

These sites have lesson plans in different subject areas. Some of these sites may also have subcategories indexed under the subject disciplines which follow.

Apple Computer K-12 Learning Interchange

Curriculum resources; lesson plans at Units of Practice

Baltimore Curriculum Project Lesson Plans
Language arts, math & science, art and music

Collaborative Lesson Archive
Searchable. An archive of lesson plans in folders by grade levels from
Preschool through Grade 12. Includes other Internet resources for educators.

Curriculum: Integrated Resource Packages
From British Columbia Ministry of Education. Includes curriculum in
Applied Skills, Career Planning, English, Fine Arts, Information
Technology, International Languages; Mathematics, Physical
Education, Science, Social Studies & BC First Nations Studies.
Check out the home page at Curriculum & Resources Branch.

Daryl Cagle's Pro Cartoonists Index
CNN Daily Newsroom Guides
Lesson plans to accompany the newsroom.

Critical Thinking Lesson Plans
Many lessons plans for K12

Discover Learning: LearnOnline-Daybook
Searchable index of teacher created lesson plans.

Discovery Channel School
Lesson plans to accompany the Assignment Discovery
service of the Discovery Channel. Guides may be helpful.

Encarta Online
Great for information skills, too. Lesson plans, K-12. From Encarta Encyclopedia

Houghton Mifflin Activity Search
Searchable. Not lesson plans per se. Can search for teaching activities by
theme, subject area and grade level for language arts, math,
social studies, science & art.

K8AIT Lesson Plans
The Lesson Plans Page
Searchable; math; science; social studies; music; art; language arts, P.E.

Lesson Plans Across the Curriculum
Language Arts/Literature; Library; World Languages & ESL; Computer
skills/Technology; Math & Science; Health, Food, Nutrition; Art, Music,
Drama, Dance; Physical Education.

PBS TeacherSource
Lesson plans and standards matches

Project GET-IT Lessons
From Genesee Educator Technology Inservice Training. 1998

Scholastic. Lesson Plans & Reproducibles
Particularly good for timely thematic topics.

Units & links to resources.

Teachers.Net Lesson Plans
Searchable by grade level and discipline

Teachers Network
Searchable database [under curriculum] of 500 classroom projects submitted
by teachers. Includes "Let's Talk" bulletin board and other features.

Teacher Talk Forum: Lesson Plans
Lesson plans in a variety of topic areas

TEAMS K-12 Lesson Plans [Los Angeles County Education
Thematic Planning Units
For teachers who have special education students in their classes

Thematic Units for Primary Grades
Units from Ancient Egypt to Whales

Yale-New Haven Teacher's Institute
Curriculum plans in all disciplines.

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English / Language Arts Lesson Plans

Secondary Literature Unit Plans
From Dr. Violet Allain's English Methods Class

A To Z Teacher Stuff - Literature Activities
Activities to use with children's literature

Academy Curriculum Exchange
Lesson plans for all grade levels.

AskERIC Language Arts Lesson Plans
Debate; Handwriting; Journalism; Listening; Literature; Reading; Spelling;
Story telling; Vocabulary; Whole Language; Writing composition

Awesome Library. Language Arts Lesson Plans
For additional topics, see also Awesome Library Lesson Plans

B. Barsant's English Class Page
Handouts, links

Big Sky Language Arts Lesson Plans
Gopher site

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Page
By theme, as Appalachia, trains, World War II, more

CEC Lesson Plans. Language Arts
Children's Literature Activities and Lesson Plans
Classroom Connect
Indexes many language arts lesson plan sites

Columbia Education Language Arts Lesson Plans
Course Materials for the Study of Science Fiction
Course-Related Links
Hyperlink correlations with young adult books in ninth grade English
at Conrad Weiser High School. Mr. Heffner

Distance Learning. Teams K-12 Lesson Plans
English, Literature, Poetry & Writing Lesson Plans
Lots of lesson plans, handouts and other teacher resources from
Ray Saitz. Great site for English teachers.

Frank Potter's Science Gems
Large number of links; some categories are indexed here, but not all

Library in the Sky Language Arts Lesson Plans Searchable
Reading; lesson plans; anticipation guides

Kodak's English Lesson Plans
Kodak's Language Arts Lesson Plans
Lesson Stop. Language Arts
Many subjects, listening & speaking, reading, literature, spelling,
vocabulary, grammar, writing, research

Making Multicultural Connections Through Trade Books
Access by title, author, illustrator, cultural group, grade level/subject

McGraw-Hill's Web Linked Activities for Reading
Activities & Internet sites to support McGraw Hill's reading series. Grades 1-8

Mr. Donn's Lesson Plans Across the Curriculum
Includes Language Arts, Journalism/media/news; propaganda, library lessons,
Other topics.

A-Z Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities for Children's Book
Mr. Donn's Holiday Lesson Plans & Activities
Mythology. Lesson Plans and Activities From MythWeb
National Council of Teachers of English. Teaching Ideas & Topics Ideas, strategies
Mrs. G's Internet Adventures

Secondary English; lesson plans; links

Oceanography Lesson Plans for Language Arts
Books; Words Origins; Creative Writing; Poetry; If I Could Be an
Ocean Animal. All grade levels

Penguin's Reader's Guides
The Age of Innocence Edith Wharton; Anna Karenin Leo Tolstoy; Candide
Voltaire; My Antonia Willa Cather; Portrait of a Lady Henry James;
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen; Sense and Sensibility Jane Austen, Wuthering
Heights Emily Bronte;

Penguin's Teacher's Guides
Persuasion Jane Austen; Holocaust Project: From Darkness into Light by
Judy Chicago: Arbeit Macht Frei/Work Makes Who Free?, The Fall,
Four Questions, Im/Balance of Power, Rainbow Shabbat, Wall of Indifference;
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass; A Raisin in the
Sun Lorraine Hansberry; The Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne;
The Odyssey Homer; The Dubliners James Joyce;
Selected Horror Short Stories of Stephen King Stephen King; Beloved
Toni Morrison; Julius Caesar, King Lear, Much Ado About Nothing,
The Taming of the Shrew William Shakespeare; The Prince and the Pauper
Mark Twain

Reading Rainbow Index of Programs
Titles and activity suggestions

Science and Math Integrated Language Arts Lesson Plans
In English and Spanish.

SCORE Language Arts
From San Diego County. Cyberguides; teacher resources; reading inititatives

Shakespeare for Students and Teachers
Includes General Lesson Plans and lesson plans under
individual works, as Hamlet

Stewart Resources Centre : Language Arts
Thematic units for elementary, middle and secondary levels

Theme Cycles and Literature Focus Units. Elementary Language Arts.
Theme cycles and literature units developed by language arts students
at Washington State.

Theme Related Language Arts Activities. Read-Write Now
Dinosaurs, environment, friendship, space

UNICEF Language & Literature Lesson Plans
From United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)
Teaching Materials

Virginia's PEN. English Pavilion
Resources, teaching tips

Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature
Virtual seminars for teaching the poetry of WWI.
From Oxford University's Computing Center.

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Access Excellence Online Mysteries
Interactive, online scientific mysteries for classroom use

Aeronautics & Space. Way Cool Tools for Mars Exploration Student activities
Aeronautics & Space. Space and Astronomy Lesson Plans
Aeronautics & Space. Amazing Space
Amateur Science From Science Hobbyist
AskERIC Science Lesson Plans
Agriculture; Biological and life science; Careers; Earth
science; General science; History; Instructional issues; Natural
history; Physical sciences; Process skills; Space sciences; Technology

Astronomy & Space. Athena Curriculum
Astronomy, Space & Physics, K-12
Astronomy Instructional Materials
Astronomy. Imagine the Universe! Lesson Plans
From NASA for middle & secondary level

Astronomy Lesson Plans & Activities
Astronomy. Space and Astronomy Lesson Plans
Astronomy Educational Activities -- NASA / MSU-Bozeman CERES Project
Astronomy Lesson Plans. Awesome Library
Awesome Library -- Science Lesson Plans
Biology Lessons at SDSU
Biology Lesson Plans. TeachNet
Biology. Africanized Honey Bee Lesson Plans
Classroom Connect Indexes many science lesson plans sites
Columbia Education Science Lesson Plans
Earth Science. POLAR Connection from NSF
Earth Science. Visualizing Earth Lesson Plans and Activities
Earth Science Links
Earth Science. Discover Online Earth Science Lesson Plans
Earth Science. Volcano World
Nebraska Earth Science Education Network Lesson Plans
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse. Science & Math Lesson Plans, K-12
Encarta Science Lesson Plans Full database is Searchable
Exploratorium Science Snacks Book of activities in science
Galileo You'll see an error message. Space down for some Science Lesson Plans K-12
or go to SciEd

Math and natural science lesson plans, resources. Searchable

GirlTECH Math & Science Lesson Plans
Use Internet resources

Mr. Donn's Science Lesson Plans
Evolution, fossils, rocks; Inventions, flying machines, kites; The Brain &
Human body; Earth & sky; Whales & Other Marine Life; Other units & themes

West Virginia K-12 RuralNet Project Home Page
Great site for science lesson plans! Take a look. Hypermedia based lessons with
downloadable QuickTime movies plus teacher lesson plans. Developed by
teachers in RuralNet.

Kodak's Science Lesson Plans
Library in the Sky Science Lesson Plans Searchable
K-12 Science Lesson Plans
Utilize WWW resources

Keeping Our Planet Green
Earth Day activities, lesson plans; rain forest, more

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
Includes elementary and secondary level wildlife lesson plans from the MVNWR.

NASA Teaches Science
Sample science lesson plans using the Internet

NASA's Mission to Earth Project
Modules for using the SIR-CED CD-ROM, including mission to planet earth;
how radar imaging works; looking at radar images; exploration and discovery.
From AskEric.

Newton's Apple Educational Materials Science lesson plans.
Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project. SAMI - Lesson Plans and Projects
Includes lesson plans and many other links to education sites.
For science: Ask {a Bird Expert, a Geologist etc.} Geometry
Forum, Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections; museums and other
resources. Academy One. Access Excellence. Arizona State University;
Ask Dr. Math.

Science lesson plans.
Connects to science on this home page. Many sources of science lesson plans,
as Eisenhower National Clearinghouse.

Physics, Space & Astronomy Lesson Plans
K-12; from Rutgers

Physics. Liquid Crystal Lesson Plans from Sam-Net
Physical Science. Amazing Science at the Roxy
Science & Math Integrated Language Arts Lesson Plans Includes both Spanish and English versions.
Science Lesson Plans
From University of Virginia. Includes lesson plans on Rain Forest; correlated with field trips such as farms, museums.

Science Lesson Plans By Age Group
NASA's Spaceborn Imaging Radar-C (SIR-CED) From AskERIC. Teacher resources and lesson plans of the Day. General Science Lesson Plans
Virginia's PEN. Math & Science Pavilion Resources

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AskERIC Mathematics Lesson Plans
Algebra; Applied math; Arithmetic; Functions; Geometry; Measurement; Probability; Statistics; Process Skills

Big Sky Mathematics Lesson Plans Gopher site
Classroom Connect Indexes many math lesson plans sites
Columbia Education Mathematics Lesson Plans
Library in the Sky Mathematics Lesson Plans Searchable
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse. Science & Math Lesson Plans, K12
GirlTECH Math & Science Lesson Plans
Use Internet resources

Encarta Mathematics Lesson Plans Searchable
Vermont Portfolio Program Critical thinking lesson plans in mathematics.
Science and Mathematics Lesson Plans Fun experiments; By Age Group
Explorer Math and natural science. Searchable
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Mathematics
IISME Action Plans
From Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education. Resources; lesson plans

Kodak's Mathematics Lesson Plans
McGraw-Hill's Web-Linked Activities and Lesson Plans Supports their math program series
Mathematics Lesson Plans Connects to mathematics lesson plans resources on this home page.
Science and Mathematics Lesson Plans Integrated Language Arts Lesson Plans Includes Spanish and English.
Virginia's PEN. Math & Science Pavilion Resources
Spacial Visualization and Earth Views

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Social Studies

AskERIC Crossroads; A K-16 American History Curriculum
Background; Essays in American History; Elementary, Middle, High School and Post-Secondary Curricula

AskERIC Social Studies Lesson Plans
Anthropology; Civics; Current events; Economics; Geography; Government; History; Psychology; Sociology; State history; U. S. history; World history and cultures

AskERIC Golden Legacy Chinese Historical and Cultural Project
Big Sky Social Studies Lesson Plans Gopher site
Classroom Connect Indexes many lesson plans sites
Columbia Education Social Studies Lesson Plans
Curry School of Education Social studies lesson plans. Includes Virginia
Kodak's Community Studies Lesson Plans
DIA: Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans
Art; language arts; math & science; mummies & social studies

Earth 2U, Exploring Geography Exhibit. From Smithsonian & National Geographic
The GeoNet Game Online geography game.
National Geographic. Geography Lesson Plans, K1
McGraw Hill's Web-Linked Activities Supports their social studies materials
Kodak's Social Studies Lesson Plans
Kodak's History Lesson Plans
Encarta Social Studies Lesson Plans Searchable
National Council for the Social Studies
Middle level, junior and senior high lesson plans. From Social Education

Library in the Sky Social Studies Lesson Plans Searchable
UNICEF History Lesson Plans
From United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Teaching Materials

UNICEF Geography Lesson Plans
From United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Teaching Materials

UNICEF Civics Lesson Plans
From United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Teaching Materials

Social Studies Lessons
Lesson plans and strategies for teaching social science, history and government.

Virginia's PEN. Social Studies & History Pavilion Resources; tips

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The Arts

Classroom Connect
Indexes art lesson plans sites. Many excellent links

Willy's Internet Library. Subject Index to Art Lesson Plans
Internet Connections
Excellent site with links to many lesson plans sites

Kodak's Art Lesson Plans
Kodak's Music Lesson Plans
Kodak's Photography Lesson Plans
Library in the Sky Arts Lesson Plans Searchable
The Arts
Architecture, art activities, art history, music. From AskERic

Lesson Plans & Curriculum Ideas. From the Getty Museum

Encarta Fine Arts Lesson Plans Searchable
Incredible Art Department
Includes art lesson plans. Post your students' art work here.

McGraw Hill's Music Education Page
Activities for integrating music in the curriculum; much more

English and Language Arts Lesson Plans - Secondary
From The Mining Company. Excellent links

UNICEF Art Lesson Plans From United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Teaching Materials
Movement and Music Lesson Plans Grade 3
Music Lesson Plans All grade levels
Virginia's PEN. Art Pavilion Resources, discussion groups

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Educational Technology

Bellingham Lesson Plans
K-5 Africa, endangered species, NASA; Middle : Drugs; Secondary: Tobacco;
also, Staff Development Lesson Plans

Classroom Connect
Indexes many technology lesson plans sites

Community Learning Network
Help for those seeking to integrate technology; lesson plans

Computer Skills Lesson Plans From North Carolina Dept. of Public Instruction.
Educational Technology Computers; advertising. From AskEric
Encarta Computer & Information Technology Lesson Plans Searchable
Library in the Sky Distance Education Lesson Plans Searchable
Library in the Sky Technology Lesson Plans Searchable
North Carolina Dept. of Public Instruction. Computer skills curriculum. Grade 4 Includes lesson plans
Kodak's Photography Lesson Plans

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Foreign Language

Foreign Language Foreign language and literature. From AskEric
Encarta Foreign Language Lesson Plans Searchable
Kodak's Languages Lesson Plans Spanish; French
Library in the Sky Languages Lesson Plans Searchable

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Ask ERICHealth Education
Body systems and senses; Consumer health; Environmental health; Family life; Mental & Emotional health; Nutrition; Safety; Substance abuse

Library in the Sky Health Lesson Plans Searchable
McGraw Hill's Web-Based Activities for Health Supports their health series

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Classroom Connect
Indexes many interdisciplinary lesson plans sites

Interdisciplinary From AskERIC
Library in the Sky Multidisciplinary Lesson Plans Searchable
Virginia's PEN. Multicultural Pavilion
Resources, listserv, lesson plans

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Physical Education

PE Central
Web site for physical education teachers, parents & kids. Includes lesson plans

AskERIC Physical Education Lesson Plans
Games; Gymnastics; Motor & Movement skills; Outdoor education; Skill-related fitness; Team sports

Encarta Physical Education Lesson Plans Searchable
Library in the Sky Physical Education Lesson Plans Searchable

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Vocational Education Lesson Plans

AskERIC Vocational Education Lesson Plans Agriculture; Business; Technology
Business Education Lesson Plans
From North Dakota State Dept. of Education. Business law; Business procedures; Computer applications; Engtrepreneurship; International business; World Language Business Institute; Keyboarding; Marketing; Personal finance; Postsecondary curriculum; Technical writing

Kodak's Career Education Lesson Plans
Encarta Vocational Education Lesson Plans Searchable
Library in the Sky Vocational Education Lesson Plans Searchable
Keyboarding. Lesson Plan Senior year; by Dawn Hicks
Keyboarding. Course Outline
Grades 4 up. Nebraska State Dept. of Education

Bytes of Learning
See Keyboarding Web School. Good tips on warm-up; avoiding injury; selection of furniture, etc.

South-Western Educational Publishing. Business Education Resources
Lesson plans, graphics, extra problems. Business education teachers can get a free password to access more resources

North Carolina Dept. of Public Instruction. Computer Skills Curriculum
Keyboarding lesson plans. Grades K-4

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School Library Media

Information Technology, K to 7
From British Columbia Ministry of Education, Skills and Training

Information Technology, 8 to 10
From British Columbia Ministry of Education

Information Technology, 9 to 12
From British Columbia Ministry of Education

AskERIC School Library Media Monthly Lesson Plans From the periodical.
Lesson Plans & Teaching Activities for School Librarians From LION
Library of Congress. Learning Page
Learn to search the LC resource collection

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Bilingual / English as a Second Language (ESL) Lesson Plans

ESL/Bilingual Lesson Plans and Resources
Lesson plans for ESL and bilingual teachers. Developed by Marty Levine, a professor in the Department of Secondary Education at California State University.

ESL Teacher Connection
Site for teachers of ESL students; includes lesson plans.

Dave's ESL Idea Page
Readers share ideas for teaching English as a second language.

McGraw Hill's Bilingual Web-Linked Lesson Plans Lesson plans; more
Internet TESL Journal
Lessons, lesson plans and ideas.

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Sites Indexed Here

AskEric Lesson Plans
Includes AskEric lesson plans. Also has television program companion materials; Chinese Historical Project lesson plans.

Bellingham Public Schools. Lesson Plans
Big Sky Telegraph
Language Arts, math, science (file returned empty) and social studies folders for lesson plans. From Big Sky gopher.

Classroom Connect +
Large database of all kinds of lesson plans.

Columbia Education Lesson Plans
Also has Misc. category not indexed here.

Encarta Lesson Plans Searchable
Kodak Lesson Plans
McGraw-Hill School Division
Library in the Sky Lesson Plans Searchable
United Nationals High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Teaching Materials
Virginia's PEN Lesson Plans
Lesson plans for English, history/social science, mathematics, science, art.

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Virginia SOLs. Unit/Lesson Plans

Lesson plans in subject disciplines for Virginia's curriculum. Lesson plans developed by students and faculty at James Madison University.

Adolescent Directory Online. Lesson Plans
The Adolescent Directory on Line includes a Teacher Talk Forum. Lesson plan topics include art, computers, foreign languages, health and safety, home economics, language arts, reading, science, students with disabilities, additional resources and miscellaneous. Includes other files on art, computers, and miscellaneous.

Oceanography Lesson Plans for Language Arts
Math, science, language arts lesson plans

Lesson plans and curriculum resources in all subject areas.

Taylor Road Middle School (Georgia)
Math, science, language arts, social studies, foreign language, physical & health education, exploratory, fine arts

Teachers Helping Teachers
Includes lesson plans in various subject disciplines; classroom management; ideas for interdisciplinary units.

ABConnect Many links by disciplines


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